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East Grinstead.West Sussex.RH19 2AB.

Mark Scott - Imberhorne Ward.

Our prospective independent councillor for Imberhorne Ward

Mark has a lifelong history living and working within East Grinstead. He attended Halsford Park and Imberhorne School where his late father, Ken Scott OBE, was the headmaster from 1961 till 1976. If you are familiar with Mark and his family, you will already know that, like his father, he holds a deep passion for his hometown.

Mark has always been very active within the community, running social events, reunions and clubs as well as volunteering at Age UK, while he also wrote and performed the song in support of the Sarah Payne campaign along with many others.

This spirit of active support for the local area has also been captured within the independent candidates who will stand with Mark for all six wards throughout East Grinstead Town Council.

He and his fellow independent candidates, Stef, Joe, Tony and Graham, will stand for all six wards throughout East Grinstead Town Council and aim to put the focus back on listening to our community, meeting residents' needs and fighting to protect local landmarks. All five were part of the Wallis Centre youth club in their teens, run by local legend Nicholas 'Steph' Stephanakis, and will work hard to build on his legacy in the area.

Mark, who has two children, is determined to see greater investment in youth support and facilities and offer our growing elderly generation a more social and connected network where they can access help, advice and companionship.

He is standing for the Imberhorne Ward in the East Grinstead Town Council election but, wherever you live in our town, there is an independent candidate waiting for your vote. As independents, they do not have to adhere to any party policy – they are solely representing the residents of East Grinstead and can therefore make sure that your voice is heard when determining where the budget will be spent, restoring power to the people.

When voting, remember that if there are one, two or even three independent candidates representing your ward then you can vote for all of them.

His hobbies include song writing, rugby, photography, travel and motorcycling, which led Mark to set up the 'Top of the Town Bikers' group with his daughter.

People before politics – it’s time for change


Mark Scott

Stuart Pilbrow-EGTC and District. Town Ward.


Our prospective independent councillor for the town centre ward


Stuart has a long history in property, particular as a commercial property landlord including 9 shops within the town itself. With a vast knowledge of how retail area works, and owning shops within our town, Stuart has a vested interest in making sure the retail part of the town is successful.


Stuart’s other interests include a part share in a restaurant and a metal and plastic recycling company.


His hobbies including sailing motorcycling and travel


As part of what stuart considers giving back he has supported and helped to build a school for orphan children in Uganda.


He is married with four children and lives in Imberhorne Lane.